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Save! Save! Save!
Travelling South for March Break, then get into Niagara Quartermaster, we got deals for you:
Camo Shorts 40% off
All T-Shirts 25% off
Tactical Ballcaps and Boonies 30% off
and for those who have to wait out the winter, we still have gear available:
All Season Jackets 35% off
All Socks 25%
All Toques and Scarves 30%
All Gloves 35%
But if you are looking to get ready for the upcoming season:
All Camo BDUs 25% off
All SWAT and Combat Boots 25% off
All Tactical Vests and Pouches 25% off
Get Your Gear Before the $USD Price Increase!
Sales ends March 31st
Get There, Get Kitted Out, Get Back into the Fight!

The Return Of The NQ Membership!

Plan on being a regular at the Niagara Quartermaster Airsoft Field? Want to save your hard earned dollars this year? Then pick up a NQ Membership pass and never pay field fees again! Still not enough? How about you will also save $5 off of each bag of BBs, $10 off of the NQ Stryker Team Tactical League and automatic entry into the NQ membership Prize draws! Just flash your membership card at the field or the store and begin saving.


Save 10% on;
- Condor, TRU-SPEC, Propper, MechanixWear, Revision Eyewear, Pro-Tac Goggles, Surplus and more!

Save 5% on;
- All airsoft guns

Pick up your NQ membership, today! Click Here!

*Picture required for membership card*


We've got an overstock here at NQ. A pallet of MREs has just landed at our doorstep, and we're looking to hand them off to you guys for only $94.99. (regular price is $139.99, that's over $40 in savings!)

MREs have so many good uses it would be ridiculous not to take one at this price. Here's just a few as an example:

- Meals for the entire team at a major Mil-sim
- Reserve food for many canadian blizzards
- Emergency rations for a bug-out bag
- Food for camping
- Endurance events

Pick up a box today, and stay nourished with some Military MREs!


97.1 Giant FM's 12 days of Christmas

Don't forget to listen in to 97.1 Giant FM these next few weeks for details on how YOU can win an Airsoft party valued at $250!



Black Friday Sale Continued!

Due to the rising success of the Friday sale, we've blown the doors off this sale and is running it until the end of the day Saturday! Stop by NQ today to take advantage of some awesome deals!

Black Friday Sale!

Niagara Quartermaster is having a Black Friday Sale! 1 Day Only, First come first serve! Niagara Quartermaster will be open until 8pm on Friday November 28th to serve the community better!

All books - 40% off
Propper, Truspec, Surplus Camouflage - Buy Pants Get The Coat/Shirt 50% off!
Hats, Boonies, BDU Caps - 30% off
Mechanix Gloves - 15% off
British DPM Coats - $25 (Reg. $40)
All Airsoft Rifles (AEG, Spring, GBB) - 10% off
WE Pistols - 10% off
Optics & Accessories - 10%
Surplus Fleece & Baselayers - 40% off
Shorts - 40% off
T-Shirts - 20% off
Revision products - 15% off
Condor - 15% off
Tasmanian Tiger - 15% off
Paracord - $9
MREs - 30% off
1 Quart OD Canteens - $3
Decon Container - 3$

Need your gun tech'd or looking to get a solid cleaning done after a year's worth of playing? Then drop off your airsoft guns at NQ on Friday to take advantage of the savings!

Gun Tech Labour - $15/hour (Reg. $25/hour)

Maintenance Package - $25 (Reg. $49.99) (Includes labour)
- Diagnostic of internal parts
- Barrel cleaning
- Removal of old grease/lubricant from Gearbox
- Application of new grease/lubricant into Gearbox
- Compression Check
- Chronograph Reading (FPS, RoF, Joules)
- External tightening of screws

(Optional when gun is already apart)

Compression Modification. Maximize air output consistency. $12.99

Take advantage of the savings with this 1 day only sale!

Niagara Quartermaster. Get in. Get kitted out. Get back in the fight!

*Taxes still apply.
*Sale prices are on IN STOCK items only
*No layaway or holding of items

Coming Soon to NQ!

AAC Honey Badger PDW is an CAR-15 based assault rifle / PDW in caliber .300 AAC Blackout produced by Advanced Armament Corporation, a subsidiary of Freedom Group. The weapon is named after the honey badger.

Both the rifle and the caliber used were developed in close cooperation with American special operations units to create a suitable and effective replacement for the HK MP5 and similar CQB weapon systems. The rifle is designed to be very convenient for military use where the CAR-15 platform is issued and in common use, since many similarities would exist in the fire controls, weapon manipulation, and magazines.

It works with the ARES / Amoeba Electronic Gearbox Programmer for ARES Electronic Firing Control System Gearbox so you can set your AEG to burst fire if you prefer. The trigger response is excellent and works best with a 11.1v PEQ battery which is stored in a small compartment of the stock. It's a little fidgety, but it fits perfectly so you don't get any rattling. 

AM-013 assault rifle employs a new foregrip design to adapt modern rifle shooting method as well as light weight modular rail system which allows a wide array of optional accessories such as lights, lasers etc.

Our improved 3rd generation Electronic Firing Control System (EFCS) can withstand around 30A firing current and provide better piston cycle position which ensures more steady firing speed and prolongs spring longevity.


MATERIAL: Nylon Fiber Plastic, CNC Handguard
MODE: Full Auto / Semi / Safe (Programable)
BATTERY: Lipo Ready ( Maximum Battery Size: 70x42x17mm)
MAGAZINE: Come with 300rds Magazine
MOTOR: High Torque Motor


Incoming: Multicam Tropic AND Arid are on their way!

Finally! After months of waiting since Shot Show we finally have an estimated date of arrival!

That's not all either. We don't want to leave you hanging, so we're disclosing our pricing! Check it out below!


TRU Combat Coat* - $119.99
TRU Combat Shirt* - $119.99

TRU Combat Pants* - $119.99

Boonie Cap - $24.95

Contractor's Cap - $24.95

Patrol Cap - $17.99

*Sizes 2XL and larger have a price increase of $4


Huge WE Airsoft Shipment Arriving Shortly!

Howdy Airsofters!

It's a better time than ever to pick up a gas gun, because we've got a boatload of WE Rifles & Pistols coming in, because of this, we're now opening up preorders for WE Rifles, to make a preorder, stop by the shop or click here to order one online!


June 7th: NQ's Open House Sale!

Good Afternoon Airsofters!

Just wanted to announce to you all that Niagara Quartermaster is having it's annual Open House this Saturday, June 7th! This will be the biggest sale of the year with discounts larger than even Christmas and Boxing Day! This year we've decided to preview some of those deals (see the image) to help you decide what to pick up this Saturday. Stay tuned Friday for the rest of the deals posted, and be sure to book Saturday off so you can reap some of these fantastic deals!

As usual, there will be a raffle to win something off the wall; this year it's an airsoft RPG!

There will also be a Charity BBQ in support of I Run & Rock. An organization that supports soldiers dealing with PTSD. So while you're here, help yourself to a burger!

See you then!


The G36C Blitzkrieg brought to you by ARES Airsoft

Howdy Airsofters!

Don't let up on an amazing deal, ARES has sponsored an amazing deal to bring you one of the coolest guns ever - the G36C - for an all-time low price of $199.99! A care package of these guys arrives June 7th, so we'll need you guys to submit your preorder before June 3rd.

Stop by Niagara Quartermaster today to place your order, or visit to order yours online!


Operation New Dawn 2 ticket date announced!

Howdy Airsofters!

I know you're all excited to sign up for Operation New Dawn 2, and you will be able to soon, as the announced date of which you can pick up tickets is April 15th. Keep in mind, you are able to pick up tickets that say in-store, but they will also be available online at 12:01 AM the day of. We expect this game to sell out pretty quick, so I suggest to everyone that you buy your tickets online. Tickets can be found on the New Dawn 2 headquarters page here.

Good luck grabbing a spot, and happy hunting, airsofters!


NQ Memberships Have Arrived!

Good Day NQ Community!

Do you play airsoft at NQ a lot? Would you like to save some of your hard earned cash? Then do we have a deal for you! Niagara Quartermaster will now be offering memberships at our field! 

These memberships will be offered all year long but to get the best bang your buck, pick them up at the beginning of the season! With NQ running 2 games a week the cost to play can quickly tap into your pockets, but not anymore with these membership packages. 

The price of the field admission will also be increased by $5 which will then total $15 for your field fee. This increase in price is to cover the increased staff and projects that will be happening over the course of the year. We appreciate your understanding in this matter as at Niagara Quartermaster we always strive to provide the community with an excellent airsoft experience.

Here are the details for the memberships:

Recruit Membership - $105
- $5 off Field Fee (Walk-on Days Only)
- $5 off Bio-BBs
- Custom NQ Dog Tags
- Custom NQ I.D. Card

Veteran Membership - $350
- FREE Field Fee (Walk-on Days Only)
- $5 off Bio-BBs
- Custom NQ Dog Tags
- Custom NQ I.D. Card
- Hands-On Product Demo's 
- "Ahead Of The Line" Event Pre-Ordering
- Entry into Monthly Product Draws
- Opportunity To Be Featured In Upcoming NQ Promotions
and much more!

So come on by Niagara Quartermaster and sign up for a membership today!

Thanks Community Members!

Hey Guys

Us here at NQ would like to extend a big thanks to everyone for an awesome year. Christmas sale was one of the biggest NQ's ever seen, Some of the biggest games at the field, and Operation New Dawn was a huge success. You guys have been really cooperative this last year, and have really made Niagara Quartermaster something truly amazing.

Because of that, we'd like to thank you. Here's our encore sale for the end of the year. It was all made possible by you. Give yourselves a pat on the back, you deserve it.

Get in, get kitted out, get back in the fight!


12 Days of Christmas Savings!

Howdy Airsofters!

We're looking at giving you the best possible Christmas this year by providing you with the best possible deals of the year! Each day until christmas, we're introducing a new deal. if you want the best deals around, stop by Niagara Quartermaster.

Get there, Get Kitted Out, Get Back In The Fight!


Photo OP Contest Winners!

Howdy Airsofters!
Congratulations to Ridley Nan and Bradley Wall on taking first & second prize in our Photo Op contest! We had some great submissions, but they had taken the cake!
Stop by the store to collect your prizes, and stay tuned for more contests to come soon!


Battlefield 4 Release Fever!

Howdy airsofters!

Ben here, just revealing our newest promotion in time with the newest release of Battlefield 4! It can be viewed online here, or in-store!

Get kitted out alongside the assault class for just $499.99! See details in the image below, sale ends November 30th.


NQ Photo OP Contest

Howdy Airsofters!

Show how big of a fan of NQ you are! Take a photo of yourself with your kit, wearing one of the NQ patches, looking like a badass and send it to! First place prize wins a $35 NQ Gift card and is featured on the next NQ Promotion. The follow-up gets a $20 NQ Gift Card! Just make sure it follows these guidelines:

  • Must be a photo of yourself
  • The NQ Patch or the title "Niagara Quartermaster" must be visible
  • Images must be sent to with the subject line "Contest"
  • Images must be safe for work (No Gore, Nudity, Porn, etc.)

Promotion ends October 31st


Airdop at Niagara Quartermaster!

Just in at NQ!

-Echo 1 'Dogs of War' M4 Metal Midcaps - BLK
-Madbull 1" Outer Barrel Extension -BLK
-Madbull Barrel Extension Adapter CW-CWW - BLK
-Madbull King Armoury 1222A CCW Flash Hider - BLK
-Socom Gear PWS CQB Diablo Flash Hider CCW - BLK
-Swiss Arms 30 x 95mm Suppressor - BLK
-Swiss Arms 30 x 130mm Suppressor - BLK
-Swiss Arms 40 x 78mm Suppressor - BLK
-Swiss Arms 40 x 156mm Suppressor - BLK, DE
-Swiss Arms 40 x 200mm Suppressor - BLK, DE
-Swiss Arms 40 x 245mm Suppressor - BLK
-Swiss Arms 40 x 330mm Suppressor - BLK
-Russian Mania Workshop AK Butt Pad
-Bravo Offset Tactical Sight Mount
-Echo1 Offset Flashlight Mount
-Echo1 M4 Tactical Sling Adapter
-Echo1 Tactical Sling Vest Mount
-King Arms PEQ 15 Box - BLK
-King Arms PEQ 15 Box w/ 11.1v 1300mA 12c PEQ Battery - BLK
-King Arms 11.1v 1450mAh 12c PEQ Battery
-King Arms 11.1v 1100mAh 15c Battery
-Echo1 7.4v 2000mAh 20c PEQ Battery
-King Arms Vertical Grip - OD, BLK
-Bravo RIS Foregrip - OD,Tan, BLK
-Stark Equipment SE-5 Express Grip - BLK, Tan
-Socom Gear M9 Gas Magazine
-Mabull XM108HP 40mm Grenade
-King Arms M203 Short - Blk
-Bioval .25g 4000rd BioBBs
-Bioval .30g 3300rd BioBBs
-Madbull .25g 3000rd BioBBs
-Madbull .28g 3000rd BioBBs
-King Arms 200rd Speed Loaders - Clear
-Hakkotsu Thunder B Shells and Primers
-Bravo Strike Steel Half Face Mask - OD, Desert, BLK
-FAST Base Jumper Helmets - OD, Tan, BLK


-G&G GR25 Sniper
-G&G SG553
-G&G GC7A1
-H&K (VFC) 416 CQB
-Classic Army Mk46 SPW
-Classic Army M15
-Classic Army M15 RIS
-Classic Army M15A4 PMC
-ARES M14 Sopmod
And much more!!!
We also have two large shipments coming in next week with more guns, accessories, and our huge Condor order!!!!!
Come on in and check us out!
-NQ Josh

Thank you from Niagara Quartermaster!

Hey NQ Community

We would like to thank you for your continued support of Niagara Quartermaster and it's Field. This has been a terrific summer for NQ and our field and to show our thanks we are offering this weekends game (Sept 29th) as a $5 dollar savings on the field fee! That's right everyone, come play at Niagara Quartermaster's Airsoft Field for $5! If you have never played here  before I would highly recommend trying it out.

Again, Thank you very much from myself, Simon and the rest of the NQ Staff. We are striving everyday to better assist you and make your airsoft experience better.

Niagara Quartermaster; Often imitated, Never duplicated.


New Facebook Pages!

Hey Guys!

We've now become legit (at least according to facebook!) and we now have a field location on facebook along with a fancy new page! Check it out here.

Along with the field page up & running, we now have a Buy/Sell/Trade group on facebook too. This is to remove clutter from our main pages where we need to keep important info at the top. That can be found here. Be sure to follow the rules posted on the page before posting something for sale!

Have fun guys!


Operation: New Dawn Wraps Up to a Close

The smoke has finally settled over the valley, the explosions have ceased. GREEN is forced to fall back as the triumphant TAN were able to push them out of the lush valley. Already TAN is fortifying the area, as the ever looming threat of a counter-attack sits in the back of their minds. Control of the valley is critical to either side's plans to continue their war effort.

Even now, with the taste of defeat still fresh in their mouths, GREEN is figuring out a way to take back what they so desperately need. Rumor has it that GREEN is seeking assistance from the Air Force to help them gain a foothold in the area once again. Green must act quickly before TAN is able to completely fortify the area and have any hope of retaking it... gone.

TAN has been setting up defense at every strategic area in the valley in hopes that it will repel any sort of GREEN counter-attack. SAM sites, Communication relays, Chemical weapons are all at their disposal to crush the invading GREEN Players, but will it be enough? 

With this area being the most crucial strategic launch point in the area, either side will take drastic measures to make sure they control it.

Which side are you on? Prepare... It is about to get heavy...

Operation: New Dawn

Niagara Quartermaster is hosting a 4-hour scenario game on Saturday, September 14th. In order to participate in the game you must buy your tickets ahead of time by either purchasing your ticket at the store, calling the store and speaking to a NQ team member or by purchasing your ticket online! There will be no walk-ons for this game so please make sure you get your tickets ahead of time.

There is limited space available for this game so make sure you sign up with your friends or team to ensure that you are all placed together. We look forward to hosting this game for the community and look forward to the intense firefights that will ensue!

For more information, click here!

Happy Hunting Airsofters!

Biggest Sale of the Year! It's Happening!


Save! Save! Save! Travelling South for March Break, then get into Niagara Quartermaster, we got deals for you: Camo Shorts 40% off All T-Shirts 25% off Tactical Ballcaps and Boonies...

The Return Of The NQ Membership!

Plan on being a regular at the Niagara Quartermaster Airsoft Field? Want to save your hard earned dollars this year? Then pick up a NQ Membership pass and never pay...


We promise to only send you good things.